There are so many misconceptions about rescues – I would like to start this blog by clearing some of them up. Rescue is the toughest business there is; we have to be on call 24/7/365 since anything that happens with one of our dogs, is our responsibility – and we get zero pay. No matter how many lives we save, we see twice as many lost; we never feel like we are doing enough, or making a difference, and there is always someone there who wants to tell us how much better they could do things.

So, why do we do it?

We do it for dogs, like the one pictured here, who have literally lived their entire lives knowing nothing but cruelty and neglect and sadness. Souls who are powerless to control their misfortune and face a sad death having never known love. Even though we definitely cannot save them all – for that one life, we have made all of the difference in the entire world.

What we are NOT here for: to take over your responsibility as a pet owner. We are not here to take your dog Mitzy because she barks too much, sheds on the couch, or is inconvenient for you. If we took in your dogs, not only would we not be doing you a favor – we also would have to kiss another dog and explain to that animal why it died today; because your pet was more important, because you couldn’t spend a few weeks finding Mitzy a nice family yourself. So please, don’t ask a rescue to take your dog – unless it is a genuine emergency like the death of a pet owner, eviction, etc and the animal is genuinely homeless.

Please DON’T take Mitzy to the county animal control shelter, either. That is also not their responsibility, it is yours. County Animal Services is there to enforce pet laws and ordinances, to make sure that people are caring for their pets responsibly for the safety of the pet and the public. If the only dogs Animal Services received were the ones truly in urgent need – dogs that had to be confiscated due to neglect or cruelty, lost and found pets in need of reuniting with their owners, and genuine stray or urgently homeless animals – they wouldn’t end up euthanizing so many! Even if poor Mitzy is “so cute”, she could still sadly end up on the euthanasia list due to crowding; and even if she doesn’t – the other dogs who had no other option but to go to animal control because they had terrible lives, will die so that there is room for her to live.

So please, be responsible pet owners – spay and neuter to prevent continued overpopulation, make time to train, socialized and exercise your dog. If you somehow made a mistake and got a pet you are not ready for and cannot handle or properly care for or make time for –  juggle the responsibility for a few more weeks and put in the work to network your dog for a new home yourself. Don’t make your dog someone else’s responsibility.

Interested in learning more about how you can help our cause to save animals like the one photographed (Actual photo of Trooper, one of the many dogs our rescue has saved from cruelty, abuse, and death at a county kill shelter)? The biggest and most rewarding thing you can do is – FOSTER! Open your home for a few months to one of these dogs. Show them what love and regular meals and a warm bed and kind touch feels like – and save them from ending up another number on the “euthanasia list” that week. If you aren’t able to foster – consider making a donation. Any amount helps and can help us cover veterinary costs, training, food and other necessary supplies to these amazing animals! If you can’t foster or donate – VOLUNTEER! Spend time washing cars, lend us your computer prowess to answer emails or solicit donations for our raffles, help us plan an amazing event! Please email for more information on how to get involved and make a difference in our cause!


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