Happy Trails Animal Rescue is a 501c3 Non Profit Animal Rescue Group located in the Central Florida area. We do not have a facility, our dogs live with wonderful foster families across Central Florida where they learn basic house manners and get the love and rehabilitation they need to become part of a family again. We specialize in rescuing the worst case scenario dogs from local shelters in Central Florida – dogs who without rescue, would not stand a chance at finding a home. These dogs start out struggling with medical or behavioral needs (often both!) and through the rescue they receive desperately needed training and medical care. Many of the animals we receive were confiscated from their former owners and have suffered from abuse and neglect.

About The Founder:

My name is Erin Swilley and I was born and raised in Central Florida. From a young age I was involved in rescue, shadowing my amazing grandmother as she assisted a local rescue in saving animals of all shapes and sizes – from domestic pets to wildlife!

Early on I knew my true love was dogs! By the time I was thirteen years old I had read every single book in the Osceola County Library System pertaining to dogs. I was especially fascinated with training – I taught my first dog, Leonard, to do over 50 commands and to do scent work and agility; all before graduating high school!

I have continued to advance my education on dog behavior and rehabilitation – through reading a large variety of books, taking classes on dog training, and the hands on knowledge I have gained working along side some amazing trainers rehabilitating our rescue dogs. I am also pursuing my Master’s Degree in Non Profit Management.

I do not receive a salary for my work with the rescue dogs – but the rewards I do receive are far better than anything money could buy. I am so honored to those of you who have travelled this journey with me – to everyone who has volunteered, donated, fostered, adopted or supported our cause in any way, THANK YOU  for making my dreams come true!

A special shout out to my own furry babies – Chance, who is now 14 years young and an endless perfect example of a balanced temperament; and Trooper, who was the worst feral dog I ever took in as a rescue, while trying to gain his love, he stole mine!