Happy Trails Animal Rescue offers free dog training assistance programs to anyone in Orange, Osceola or Seminole County who has adopted a dog from any rescue or shelter and is struggling with behavioral issues. Our mission with this program is to help rescue and shelter dogs successfully transition into new homes and reduce the number of adopted dogs being returned due to behavioral concerns. We partner with local trainers in Central Florida to provide a variety of training options for different behavioral needs and situations. The type of training and specific trainer you receive are based on the type of behaviors and area in which you are located.

To apply for training assistance please call 407-270-7074

Our group obedience classes are held at the facility and are free to anyone who has adopted from a shelter or rescue. Each class runs for six weeks and covers a loose leash heel, sit, down, stay and recall as well as basic socialization and etiquette. Registration required.

Private training sessions at the facility allow us to use a controlled environment to trouble shoot a variety of problem behaviors your dog is experiencing out in public and on walks. These sessions are free and by appointment only to qualified families in Central Florida.

In home training to trouble shoot environmental behaviors going on inside of your home is also available at no charge to qualified families in Orange, Osceola and Seminole counties. These sessions are suited for a variety of behaviors including aggression – there is hope!

Call 407-270-7074 to apply for training assistance