We know it is so hard to see your pets hurting or sick and be unable to provide them with the care they need. The following are resources for low cost veterinary services and funding programs to help with veterinary expenses for your pets. If your pet is having a medical emergency and you have tried and exhausted all of these resources please call our office at 407-270-7074 for further information on ways we can assist.

Financing Options

The following are applications for funds that can be borrowed immediately to cover vet expenses. These funds would need to be paid back in monthly installments. GoFundMe is a way to create a fundraiser to have friends, family and coworkers contribute to help fund a veterinary emergency.

Low Cost Spay and Neuter

The following organizations provide low cost spay and neuter and vaccines.

Low Cost Veterinarians

Low cost veterinarians around Central Florida provide affordable exams, vaccines and testing.


The following resources are other organizations that have applications for funding for veterinary assistance – these funds are charity funding that does not need to be repaid. Each individual organization has their own requirements and applications.