Please note – we are a 100% volunteer run organization and rely entirely on community volunteers to keep the wheels turning for the animals in our community. These are not paid positions. We are a foster-based rescue network, which means we do not have a kennel for you to volunteer walking and playing with dogs. All of our volunteer opportunities are either from-home volunteer work, clerical work within our office location or opportunities to volunteer at public events. Please read through the current list of positions we are looking to fill to see if any of them might be the right fit for you – we would love to have you on our team!

If you are interested in any of these positions:

Adoption Application Screening (from home)

Duties would include completing screening steps for adoption applications including background checks (we would provide software and training), calling references, etc. Flexible, from home volunteer position. Must have good computer skills and good oral communication. Must have access to phone and computer/internet.

Data and Document Input (from home)

Help creating pet files, uploading photos, vet records, contracts, etc into our computer system. Would need good written communication skills, good computer skills and access to computer/internet.

Social Media Posting (from home)

Help us post and showcase our adoptable dogs on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Help create content on our social media promoting our programs, events, etc. Flexible on your own time from home. Would need computer/internet access, good written communication skills and to be self motivated and organized.

Flex/part-time office receptionist (in person)

This individual would volunteer their time to come down to our center and answer the phone and greet guests stopping by the center looking for assistance or information. Responsibilities would include answering the phone, looking up information on the computer, booking appointments on our calendar and assisting people coming by to pick up pet food from the pantry.


  • Flexible daytime schedule. At this time we would need someone with flexible availability Tuesday through Friday during the day. Some set days/times possible but our biggest need would be flexible availability to cover shifts when existing office volunteers need schedules filled.
  • Good written and oral communication skills
  • Basic computer skills
  • Able to lift a minimum of 20 lbs to carry bags of pet food for pantry visitors
Volunteer Coordinator (from home)

Work from the comfort of your own home online and by phone helping process and organize volunteer applications. This individual would process the applications coming in from our website, organize them, pass along any potential candidates to fill current needs, and call and schedule general volunteers for any upcoming events. Very part time.


  • Self-motivated, since this position would mostly be independent work from home
  • Organized
  • Good written and oral communication skills
  • Computer and telephone access
Fundraising Committee Member (from home, some in person)

We are looking for a handful of motivated, passionate individuals who love event planning and want to help us make a difference! The fundraising committee would be in charge of planning and organizing fundraising events to benefit our rescue. Duties would include coming up with event ideas, finding venues, sponsors, raffle items, volunteers and other needed resources to make the event successful. Assisting in event marketing and ticket sales. Work would include some from home work and some in person work such as visiting venues, meeting with sponsors and setting up and running events.


  • Professional appearance and decorum
  • Good written and oral communication skills
  • Self-motivated
  • Prior event planning experience a huge plus
  • Good teamwork skills as this would be a group effort
Dog Check-In (from home)

Work from home by phone calling and/or texting the families in our rehoming program for updates on their dogs including updated photographs, any new information on the status of their dog’s participation in the program, etc.


  • Phone and text access
  • Self-motivated, since this position would mostly be independent work from home
  • Organized
  • Good written and oral communication skills
Foster Coordinator (from home, some in person)

This position would include recruiting and training new potential foster families. Coordinating with foster families on supply pick-ups/drop offs/shipments. Coordinating with foster families on scheduling veterinary care appointments. Arranging/coordinating transport to and from appointments and meet and greets. Serving as a point of contact for foster families with questions or in need of assistance.


  • Excellent people skills
  • Good written and oral communication skills
  • Lots of experience transitioning dogs into new environments
  • Prior foster experience a huge plus!
  • Pretty open availability to field texts and calls
Professional Dog Groomer (in person)

We are in need of professional dog groomers to donate their time once every other month to help us groom dogs in need in our community.

Professional Dog Trainer (in person)

We are looking for additional dog training professionals able to donate their time both helping to train dogs and run group classes at our center as well as to volunteer their time (or give discounts) to do in-home training sessions for dogs in need in our community through our training programs.

Grant Writer (from home)

Helping research potential grants that we might qualify for and then helping fill out and submit grant applications on our behalf. Work from home by computer.


  • Must be self-motivated
  • Must have excellent written communication skills
  • Prior grant writing experience a plus but can be trained
Photographer (in person)

This individual would help take professional photographs of our team members, programs, events and more. Your business information would be credited and displayed where your photos are used.


  • Must have photography equipment capable of taking professional quality photographs
  • Photo editing skills to polish the photos for professional use
Videographer (in person)

This individual would help film and edit video content for our website and social media pages. Would be looking for someone available to coordinate on scheduling days and times to film educational content and testimonials as well as someone available to come get footage at our events and during our program activities. Your business/information would be credited and displayed where videos are used.


  • Needs to have own camera equipment capable of producing professional quality footage
  • Experienced with video editing and production to create a professional, finished video product